Monday, March 14, 2016

The Blaze

A spark ignites it,
Flames begin to grow,
The fire burns everything,
I need to let go.

It dies out,
Leaving ash and pain,
It serves as a nest,
I shouldn’t complain.

It nurtures me,
Helps me to grow,
Pain is never wasted,
And I should know.

Time passes,
Things form anew,
The feathers come back,
I’ve lost nothing that I knew.

Finally ready,
I spread my wings,
The ash falls away,
I’ve learned a few things.

I take to the air,
Leaving the ashes behind,
My pain and sins gone,
Yet some regret remains in my mind.

I feel terrible for those I’ve hurt,
For the pain I’ve caused,
But little is served by looking behind,
So from my course I cannot pause.

The old me lies in ashes,
The new flying free,
I will not return,
For that is simply not me.

The fire didn’t destroy everything,
The good qualities remain,
The bad has been cleansed,
I keep the wisdom but leave the stain.

The future is far away,
To reach it is my goal,
And to never look back,
However life is not a stroll.

I hope to keep these lessons with me,
So no mistake may be repeated,
Once a change is made it cannot be undone,
A wound once healed does not need to be treated.

Hope burning bright,
Everything is ahead,
And nothing left back,
I have little to dread.

My time is now,
My wings are open wide,
Now is the time to fly.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Rant #1

Walking on the street has become a dangerous proposition at best. You set out and some moron thinks he can bend the rules. This is done in numerous ways. They can inch up on you. Often they try to squeeze by you. There are some that almost don’t seem to see you at all or notice that the light at the cross walk is green for pedestrians. What makes these people so stupid? Is it impatience? Or seer lack of caring about the world around them?
One wonders if it is because of how society today has train many to be so self-involved. So much of society encourages such behavior. Things like selfies, instant messaging (and practically everything else), Facebook, twitter, and even how parents raise their children feed this. We want what we want and we have to have it now. People are conditioned to think that the world revolves around them because so much of the way things are promotes that.
How can we expect the next generation to be anything but self-obsessed, technologically enslaved, morons? We have to change the way things are heading. Yet so many see no problem with this. How can anybody not notice how drastically this world is becoming corrupt? It’s amazing to thing how many people just want to live off the government and never work because of this entitled mentality. What’s worse is that the government does little to stop this.
To think just how much damage can be done by people who think that they don’t even have to try to find a job suck our system dry is staggering. Who raised these victim minded idiots? Some don’t even see a problem in how they view life through this lens. They just want to sit around and be lazy. Life isn’t about laziness it’s about hard work and growth.
Thus leading to the entitlement mentality of all people. Nothing in life is truly free. Everything has some kind of string attached to it. It hard to tell what kind of hook you’ll end up on if you’re not careful. So much of this world is lost behind smoke and mirrors. Hardly anything is truly real. So many people aren’t as they appear to be. We live in a world that doesn’t value true creativity or hard work. Those who work hard are often overlooked and instead those who are the most popular and loudest get what the other person deserved.
How can and one expect not to have people who don’t even care about the basics of the traffic laws with this kind of atmosphere? It’s no surprise that when you step out onto a side walk that you are taking your life into your hands. It’s no better than betting that you’ll win the lottery. Though you have better chances of getting hit by a car than winning the lottery.

Honestly, people need to get their heads out of themselves and start caring about others more. However, the evidence to human nature now points to quite the opposite happening. It’s just sad. How can the human race have fallen so far? 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Heads up!

Sorry, that I've been dormant for a while. Life has a habit of getting in the way of things. However, I have some good news. I will be posting here more often. Some of my posts will be creative writing pieces that I'm working on to see just let my mind go up any alleys I care to let it. Feel free to read my ramblings and rantings. I will also be posting chapters from my fantasy book that I've been working on. However, I haven't forgotten about writing about my cosplays and how they are going. My next official cosplay is going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I'll be doing her blue dress. I hope it turns out well. Be seeing you soon!