Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Spirited Story

            During a recent bout with the disease known as writer’s block, I got an idea for another story. This story would harken back to my oldest and most beloved fandom. “Which fandom is that?” you may ask dear reader. The fandom I’m speaking of is my deep love for Disney. You may start wondering which movie I might be doing. However, I’m not writing about a film but one of Disney’s well-loved rides from the parks.
            This ride is my personal favorite and will come as no surprise to my family that I’ve chosen this as the subject of my newest fan fiction. The ride in question is known for having “999 happy haunts that are just dying to meet you”. The one and only Haunted Mansion. This ride has been a favorite of mine since I was nine years old when I first rode the Florida version of the mansion.
            Now, with the 60th Anniversary Disneyland past, I decided to throw my hat into the hatbox of this mysterious and spectral mansion. I love this ride and the story and imagination that went into creating it. Also, I’m really happy that they finally put the Hatbox Ghost back on the ride. If you don’t know who he is I recommend you look it up. Especially since Guillermo del Toro back a few years ago announced that he’s going to redo the movie of the mansion. He’s reported to be a huge Haunted Mansion fan and he was partly responsible for the Hatbox Ghost’s return since he said he was going to make him a main focus of the film.
            So, to get in the spirit of both these events, I am writing my own creepy rendition to the tale of the mansion. I won’t be posting it until Halloween but keep an eye out for art from the story and excerpts from it on my Tumblr and here on my blog.

            In parting I leave you with the cover art of my story. Its working title is “Lost in the Mansion” and a little greeting from the ride itself. Happy Haunting!

"Hurry back! Hurry back! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now! We've been dying to have you!"
Little Leota 
(from the end of the Haunted Mansion Ride)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The End of an Era

As some of you on Facebook already know, I’m leaving the art website known as Deviantart. I’ve been on that site for four years. Two of those years was during a hard time in my life where I could do little more than lie in bed, watch T.V., write, and draw. This was due to my (at the time undiagnosed) condition known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (or POTS).
The site was an escape for me and allowed me to maintain my sanity during the two years I was bound to my bed. However, after I got my condition under control I still continued posting on the site. It was mostly due to the emotional ties I had to the site and the friends I’d made there. Problems soon arose during the next few years that made it hard to want to stay.
Most of those problems were due to the community on the site, especially some of the fandoms I was participating in. Particularly, the Legend of Zelda fandom. They were the most obnoxious and mean group if you didn’t conform to the status quo in the clubs. Many of the character pairings were what cause the most grievance. However, the worst group were the ones demanding that Nintendo give us a timeline. Eventually, the company did give us one but it was obviously thrown together.
Other issues I’ve had with the site had to do with how it was run. I drove me crazy when they made different changes that made no sense. Also warning users that if you weren’t active enough that they’d shut down your account. That was scary. However, it’s unclear if that ever really went through. Either way, I’m now leaving the sites so that I can protect my work from being stolen by thieves on the site.

I’m sad to be leaving a site that has given me a lot of joy over the years but it’s time to move on to other places where I feel that my art will be viewed by a better class of people.  

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Father's Day Tribute

            This week I waited until Sunday to post in honor of Father’s day. This is my present to my dear father. In my personal opinion, he is the best dad this planet has ever known. He is kind, gentle, a guiding hand and everything a father should be. He has helped me so much over the course of my life. From helping me edit school papers to giving me sage advice for when I’m down.
            My father has always been there either in spirit or physically to guide and support me. Often when I was growing up his work kept him from being around a lot but he made up for it the best he could by sending letters, skyping (or what later became skyping), and talking with me even when he was tired from work and I needed him.
            He also worried about me from behind the scenes. He would pray for me and often call just to talk with me. Even now he still does that. I am eternally grateful for everything he has done for me. So, every Father’s day to document these classic moments and my love for my dad I usually make him a new slideshow. However, this year I felt it would be more appropriate to write up this blog post and repost an old (and arguably my best one) slideshow. It was the first one I ever made. Enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Own Personal Looking Glass

            I recently saw the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. I loved the film and overall message of the film. However, I’m not going to spoil it for you. If you want to know more about the actual events of the film you have to go and watch it. It’s well worth the money to watch.
            With that out of the way I can begin. As I watched the film I couldn’t help drawing parallels between myself and the main character. How my own nature is much like Alice. However, as the movie went on I began to wonder. What is my own version of Wonderland and the looking glass Alice uses to get there? And what can I draw on when I enter my personal looking glass?
            I went on an exploration through my own life and found that my looking glass is my own wild imagination. My ability to make up vivid fantasy worlds and bring them to life is my Wonderland. It’s a place I go when I need to escape from the pressure of the world around me. However, unlike many who disappear down the rabbit whole never to return my Wonderland helps me. Often times, when I escape to the other side of the Looking Glass my own mind helps me to work out the problems I face without making me feel so stressed in the process.
            I, much like Alice, am a headstrong, independent and peculiar person. However, my personal Wonderland holds not just my own thoughts but often the voices of others who have guided me along my own path. Each person filling the roles of the caterpillar, Cheshire cat, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Queen, etc. All of them have a lesson to give me and guidance to share.
            Yet, just like Alice, I often forget about this little place and forget sometimes in my hardest moments to step back through and listen to my old friends. I think it’s about time I went back and perhaps fixed the problems that my own Wonderland may be currently experiencing. Honestly, I’ve already started on it. Let’s just say I’ve let the Queen of Hearts have too much control. It’s time to set things right and just like Alice in this newest movie I can use the lessons of the past help me shape my future.
            So, don’t worry too much about me. I’ll be back from Wonderland very soon and perhaps heading to my own real version of Wonderland in real life. I’m referring to my upcoming transfer (after graduating) to BYU Idaho. This Wonderland will be full of new twists and turns that I’m very excited to see.
See you next week!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When You Know You’re Crazy

                 I pride myself on being different from the crowd. That I don’t always stick to the norm and often challenge it. However, there is a difference between following your own path and having gone completely off the deep end. Often times I’ve noticed that some of us, including myself, stray from the path of slightly abnormal and take a hard left into crazy.
                Yet, being crazy isn’t all bad. Often times being crazy gives you an advantage over others. It allows you to think outside of the box and challenge the boring norms that most people impose. There is a line between good crazy and bad crazy. Good crazy, is what I consider my friends and I. Where you can be silly and off the wall in public and not care about the weird looks you may get from the average Joe on the street.
                Being good crazy opens doors that being “normal” doesn’t allow. You can find even the simplest things amusing. This allows for endless hours of fun with you and your friends. Where being “normal” keeps you to a rigid set of things and doesn’t allow for much creativity. However, bad crazy is not what you want to shoot for. Those who are bad crazy often are only amusing to themselves and harm others in the process. I’m sure you know a few bad crazies in your life. So, I’d recommend finding some good crazies to balance it out.
                Now, you might be asking how can you tell if you’re good crazy? Well, I can give you a general guide. First, to be good crazy you have to want to have fun and not care what others think. Often this point is a bit of a struggle. You have to strike a balance with this so that you don’t end up in the bad crazy territory. Second, find what you love and do it. Don’t be afraid of it just do it. Third, being open to new things and ideas. Often the most enjoyment a good crazy person finds is doing things that they’ve never done before just to do it. Fourth, find enjoyment in simple things. Sometimes the nicest part of being good crazy is finding fun in things that are simple and don’t cost much money. It makes life easier. Fifth, enjoy the occasional laugh at weird things. This one is hard to explain but being able to laugh at almost anything can help ease tension.
                Those are just a few signs/suggestions I can give to you about being good crazy. How I know that being good crazy is fun is because like I said I am crazy. I can’t imagine being anything but. That’s something that will never change and if you are that way I suggest learning to love that side of yourself. Being happy with who you are is a step closer to being happy in general. Good luck learning how to be crazy!