Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When You Know You’re Crazy

                 I pride myself on being different from the crowd. That I don’t always stick to the norm and often challenge it. However, there is a difference between following your own path and having gone completely off the deep end. Often times I’ve noticed that some of us, including myself, stray from the path of slightly abnormal and take a hard left into crazy.
                Yet, being crazy isn’t all bad. Often times being crazy gives you an advantage over others. It allows you to think outside of the box and challenge the boring norms that most people impose. There is a line between good crazy and bad crazy. Good crazy, is what I consider my friends and I. Where you can be silly and off the wall in public and not care about the weird looks you may get from the average Joe on the street.
                Being good crazy opens doors that being “normal” doesn’t allow. You can find even the simplest things amusing. This allows for endless hours of fun with you and your friends. Where being “normal” keeps you to a rigid set of things and doesn’t allow for much creativity. However, bad crazy is not what you want to shoot for. Those who are bad crazy often are only amusing to themselves and harm others in the process. I’m sure you know a few bad crazies in your life. So, I’d recommend finding some good crazies to balance it out.
                Now, you might be asking how can you tell if you’re good crazy? Well, I can give you a general guide. First, to be good crazy you have to want to have fun and not care what others think. Often this point is a bit of a struggle. You have to strike a balance with this so that you don’t end up in the bad crazy territory. Second, find what you love and do it. Don’t be afraid of it just do it. Third, being open to new things and ideas. Often the most enjoyment a good crazy person finds is doing things that they’ve never done before just to do it. Fourth, find enjoyment in simple things. Sometimes the nicest part of being good crazy is finding fun in things that are simple and don’t cost much money. It makes life easier. Fifth, enjoy the occasional laugh at weird things. This one is hard to explain but being able to laugh at almost anything can help ease tension.
                Those are just a few signs/suggestions I can give to you about being good crazy. How I know that being good crazy is fun is because like I said I am crazy. I can’t imagine being anything but. That’s something that will never change and if you are that way I suggest learning to love that side of yourself. Being happy with who you are is a step closer to being happy in general. Good luck learning how to be crazy!


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