Monday, March 14, 2016

The Blaze

A spark ignites it,
Flames begin to grow,
The fire burns everything,
I need to let go.

It dies out,
Leaving ash and pain,
It serves as a nest,
I shouldn’t complain.

It nurtures me,
Helps me to grow,
Pain is never wasted,
And I should know.

Time passes,
Things form anew,
The feathers come back,
I’ve lost nothing that I knew.

Finally ready,
I spread my wings,
The ash falls away,
I’ve learned a few things.

I take to the air,
Leaving the ashes behind,
My pain and sins gone,
Yet some regret remains in my mind.

I feel terrible for those I’ve hurt,
For the pain I’ve caused,
But little is served by looking behind,
So from my course I cannot pause.

The old me lies in ashes,
The new flying free,
I will not return,
For that is simply not me.

The fire didn’t destroy everything,
The good qualities remain,
The bad has been cleansed,
I keep the wisdom but leave the stain.

The future is far away,
To reach it is my goal,
And to never look back,
However life is not a stroll.

I hope to keep these lessons with me,
So no mistake may be repeated,
Once a change is made it cannot be undone,
A wound once healed does not need to be treated.

Hope burning bright,
Everything is ahead,
And nothing left back,
I have little to dread.

My time is now,
My wings are open wide,
Now is the time to fly.

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