Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Hobby

          Well, I've started up a new hobby. An expensive hobby, but an awesome one. Why is it that awesome hobbies have to be expensive? Anyway, I've finally taken up archery. I love this sport! It's so amazing and addictive! I love the feeling of holding the bowstring taught and then releasing it, allowing the arrow to sail gracefully through the air to meet it's target. It took way took long to find an archery club close to my home.

         Long story short, I took the beginners class there and got hooked. So now I'm saving up for all the equipment I need to become a serious archer. I have some money right now, but I still have yet to get more. So, I'm selling off old instruments and trying to open up (finally) my etsy shop to start earning some money for my stuff.

         I can't wait to feel the wood of my own bow in my hands. I'm going to get a longbow along with beginner level aluminum arrows. I'm getting a good quality archery glove and arm guard. I have enough money for just the bow at the moment. I need to save up more for the arrows, quiver, case, glove, arm guard, and targets. this is all I really have to say on the subject.

Wish me luck!

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