Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Next Cosplays

My Next Cosplays

            It’s been a while since I talked about the cosplays I’m planning on doing. I currently only have one in the works but have ideas for more down the line. I wanted to share them with you. The current cosplay that I’m working on is one that has been long overdue for me.
            I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Disney girl. I was raise on Disney and will always love their films. However, few outside my family know what my favorite Disney film is. I’ve loved it since I was three years old and have heavily identified with its main character for years. So, to finally go back to my fandom roots. I am finally cosplaying as the main female protagonist from the film.
            I’ll give you who don’t know me a few hints about her. First, she wears blue for much of the film. Second, she lives in a small town in the country side. Third, she loves books and reading. Can you guess who she is?
            If you guessed Belle from Beauty and the Beast then you are correct. I’ve decided to cosplay as my favorite Disney character. I figured it was about time that I did her. Especially, since I know I can pull her off. No wigs or face paint for this cosplay. However, for the skill level that I have I’ve decided to do Belle’s blue town dress. It’s actually my favorite dress that she wears.

            I’m very excited to do this one. In a way it’s completing my fandom circle. I started cosplaying with a pokemon cosplay (my third fandom). Then I’ve done several Legend of Zelda cosplays (my fifth fandom). I’ve done one Kingdom Hearts cosplay (my fourth fandom). It was about time I did one from my very first fandom.
            However, after Belle is completed I’ve been debating who to do next. The next fandom I could think of because I was now doing American made fandoms was that of either Marvel or DC comics. The two superheroines that came to mind were Rogue from the X-Men or Batgirl from Batman.
Perhaps you guys can help me decide. I love both of these girls but I’m not who I’d do better at pulling off. So, I’d like for you to cast a vote in the comments to help me. That way once my current project is finished I can start working on figuring out the next cosplay I’m going to do.


              Looking forward to who you think is the better of these two ladies that I should do. Until next time.


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